Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Happy Accident

I love how both of the girls ask politely and a little hesitantly, "Could you do a little sewing?" Are you kidding? That is what I live for! So about a week before I left for Arizona, Anna called and said, "Our little guy now weighs 14 lbs. his diaper shirts are getting a little small and it doesn't look like cooler weather is happening any time soon." So, of course I got right to work. This fabric came from my stash and is trimmed with white Imperial Broadcloth. Dark grey buttons, also from the stash, gave it a masculine look.
I quickly cut out the shirt, hoping to having it constructed by supper so that I could spend the evening completing the handwork. As I began to sew the shoulder seams together, I realized that I had not taken the time to match the stripes which are one of the signs of a professionally constructed garment. Oh well, it is only a diaper shirt and Christian won't know the difference and Anna will not care. If I don't say anything maybe no one will notice, but I am suppose to be the professional here....
Imagine my surprise when I pressed the shoulder seams open and the stripes matched perfectly and on both sides!!! If there were "sewing fairies" involved, I would like to thank them right here and now.
Anna came over a few days later and I presented the shirt and said, "You aren't going to believe what happened!" She responded with, "Wow, you cut up one of Dad's shirts."
Let's set the record straight, I have not been cutting up his shirts. I just happen to like fabric that looks like the shirts that I pick out for him!


Laurie said...

Sometimes things do work out.

Jan M said...

I love when those sewing fairies visit here! That is a wonderful fabric for your little man!


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