Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Photo Shoot/ Or What Is Really Going On

Sometimes you get to wear your jeans under your dress and Grandda feeds you yogurt between shots.

And sometimes you get a hug from your cousin.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shirt Details

You might have noticed that styles are changing and things are not as matchy matchy as they once were.  Contrasting fabrics used together are becoming quite popular.  I'm not sure what this new trend is called, but while I find it refreshing it can also be a little overwhelming if over done.  

I normally wouldn't have considered any thing other than the shirt fabric for the neckband for the shirt, but a messy cutting table led me to try something different.  The blue gingham gives an otherwise plain shirt an updated look.  Why not pull out some of your leftover  pieces of fabric and see what you can match up?


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Long Pants For The Boy

At 17 months he looks like such a big boy that it was time for a "Big Boy" outfit.  The shirt is made out of a striped blue and yellow cotton with a contrasting white collar.  

Pattern #139 was used for the shirt and the shorts were redrafted to long pants with suspenders.  To make the needed changes, I measured the little guy from waist to ankle, added the length to the shorts and then tapered them in slightly at the ankle.  Suspenders were added which crisscross in the back and button to the pants in front.  The pants are made out of a super soft denim and loops on the shoulders of the shirt help to hold the suspenders in place.

Quite the little climber, our little guy climbed out of the crib, opened his bedroom door, and decided to  find Mommy and Daddy on his own last week!  


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Taking The Dare

Over the course of a couple weeks one too many people encouraged me to take Rex to the beach for a getaway.  I finally told Rex, "Mention it one more time and we are going."  So we did.  A beach trip doesn't seem like you would need a dare, but with his fair Irish completion and health issues, we were not sure how it would go.

Of course the big hesitation for both of us was that we have not traveled since his health has changed.  Not only would I be doing all of the driving, but how he feels can change suddenly and that is a lot trouble and money to sit in a condo.  And then as someone said, if you are going to sit in bored, why not do it at the beach?  Brilliant!  So off we went with back up plans of movies, reading, and hand sewing.  How was the trip?  Some days a challenge for both of us, but I had my attitude in the right place and handled the ups and downs, the  physical limitations and his lack of words with more patience than normal.  

We did have a good time and will always remember eating fresh peaches on the beach while watching the sunset.  Maybe we appreciate things like that more when they are a little more trouble.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Floral Bishop

I love this beautiful print from the "Fabric Challenge."  I could hardly wait to see how it would look pleated, but must admit that I tried several different colors of floss before settling on white and yellow

The dress is made by pattern #135.  The smocking design is a combination of simple waves and trellises.  

Aren't the colors pretty on her?  She is a little obsessed with bracelets right now.  Something that I am proud to say that I am responsible for!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Pink and Ecru Daygown

And here is the girl's version of pattern #125.  Made out of pink and ecru handkerchief linen, the bottom of the daygown is finished with a scalloped Madeira hem.  The pattern and instructions are included in the pattern for the Madeira hem.  Madeira trim adds so much to a garment without the cost of expensive laces.

A pink neckband out of pink and edged with purchased tatting, tiny tucks and hand embroidery finishes the daygown off.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blue and Ecru Daygown

Christian 3 month.  "Discovery of feet!"

Nothing is more appropriate for baby than a daygown.  So, when sewing for the little man, I can usually keep the daddy happy by adding a touch of blue, using purchased tatting instead of lace, and then make him practice saying, "This is a daygown, not a dress."  

This lovely daygown is made by pattern #125 out of ecru and blue handkerchief linen.  The instructions for the Madeira hem are included in the pattern.

Tiny tucks and a touch of hand embroidery gives the gown an elegant look.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Sewing Classes

New sewing classes are now scheduled at the local  fabric store.  Lots of fun classes and lots of fun people to meet!  Click here to view the schedule and class descriptions.

I regret that I am now longer able to travel and teach at this time, but I hope that if you happen to be in the North Alabama area you can take time for a class!



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