Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teaching at Beth's

I spent this past Friday and Saturday at Beth's Heirloom Sewing in Wetumpka, AL. Not only was I looking forward to teaching and meeting new friends, I also went with my shopping list.

On Friday afternoon we used pattern #135 and learned how to construct a bishop. Everyone is always surprised at how simple it is once you do one in class!

On Saturday the class made either a sunsuit or sundress using pattern #132. It was interesting to see that half the class was sewing for boys and the other for girls.

This is a good project if you are a beginner to smocking construction.

My friend Suzanne, owner of "Olivia Anne Designs" was also teaching at the same time so we were able to enjoy traveling together. Beth and Joan made us feel more than welcome treating us to a wonderful dinner on Friday night and sent us home with freshly picked blueberries and cucumbers. That is true "Southern Hospitality!"

* Our friend Jan owner of "BessieMary" really needs our prayers over the next few weeks as she is having surgery in hopes of saving her eyesight.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Button Storage

Small ziplock bags are doing the job for me right now. I was standing in the check out line at Hobby Lobby when I spied them. 100 little bags for $1.99! When I am feeling the need to be super organized, I use a large safety pin and pin bags with similar colored buttons together. I have one small drawer for "most likely to be used" buttons and separate drawer for "if I ever need an odd button."

Do you have a neat way for storing buttons that you would like to share?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Pattern #136

Just in time for summer, the #136 Sundress is finally available in larger sizes 2 - 6! The sundress buttons on the shoulders, and may be smocked with an inset, smocked to the yoke, or gathered to the yoke.

This is my favorite pattern to use when teaching smocking construction because it goes together so quickly. The fabric pictured is from Fabric Finders. As I worked on the dress, my husband referred to it as the "pretty material." I think that the combination on lime green and periwinkle caught his eye.

You may click here to download a free copy of the smocking design!

I'm starting a new version on the dress smocked with ice cream cones.....it is 100 degrees in Alabama today!


Monday, June 21, 2010

And the Winners Are......

The winners of the "Free Giveaway" are Laurie P. and Chelle. If both of you ladies would please e-mail me your name and address to crmichie@aol.com, I will get your new magazine in the mail.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment. Sharing what sewing techniques you would like to learn is a huge help when I am looking for a subject for a blog or planning new classes.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

My husband and his big brother 1958

In honor of Father's Day, let's remember to thank the fathers and husbands who have encouraged and supported our sewing over the years. They say that our earliest memory of an event impacts how we feel about it the rest of our lives. My husbands earliest sewing memory is walking with his mother to his great aunts house for a day of quilting. All of the older kids were in school so he got the basketball goal all to himself! Now I know why he is the most supportive husband in the world when it comes to my sewing.......he is thinking of sports!

Don't forget to enter in the Free Giveaway!!!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sew Beautiful Magazine Giveaway

I just received my new preview issue of the magazine and it is fantastic! It is full of wonderful ideas and new techniques.

My Baby Romper #134, is featured in the magazine along with the free smocking design. The design is great for those who are new to picture smocking.

As chance would have it, I have ended up with two extra copies of the new issue that I would like to give away in a random drawing!

To enter the drawing for a free copy of the new Sew Beautiful Magazine
  • Leave a comment on this blog telling us "What new sewing technique would you like to learn or master this year?"

  • The drawing will end at midnight on June 20th.

  • The two lucky winners of the new Sew Beautiful Magazine will be announced Tuesday, June 22nd.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Tulsa Smockers

After a LONG drive to Tulsa, Oklahoma we arrived to find a gift basket in our room full of wonderful goodies native to the area. We are looking forward to trying the pepper jelly!

The Tulsa Guild is over 20 years old and has continued to have at least 30 members on the roster. Their main goal is to, "Keep the art form alive!" They have done several service projects over the years including Wee Care Gowns, Fetal Demise Gowns, and Scent Cloths. Each year they raffle off an American Girl Doll along with a handmade wardrobe as a fundraiser for their teacher fund.

Anna and I loved hearing about their many sewing projects. Many of the women were also quilters and knitters, so we also came home with new ideas!

Along with all of the "sharing", we also did a lot of sewing. The ladies learned to gather lace and entredeux to a puffed sleeve for the baby dress.

And perfected tiny tucks and lace insertion for the boy's bubble.

We took enough garment samples to inspire the ladies for a very long time!

This was the longest trip that Anna and I had ever taken by ourselves and we had a wonderful time. Not only did we get to hang out with other women with similar interest, we were able to enjoy evenings in our room, in our jammies, watching whatever WE wanted on TV, and trying to teach me to knit. Anna's black lacy knitted shawl in now completed. We are working on moving me past knit 1, purl 1.

If you would like to see the Tulsa, OK projects click here.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

#113 Pattern of the Week!

The pattern of the week is #113! The romper pattern includes 3 different style collars and includes sizes 2- 5.

Made from green and white pique', a 4" by 4" pocket was added to the front of the romper. The machine embroidered puppy is from "Bunnycup Embroidery."

I found this fabric several years ago and just had to have it! It took hardly anytime at all to hand embroidery tepees onto the square collar.

Made from yellow pique' this romper is perfect for Easter.

Shadow Embroidery shows up nicely on the Imperial Batiste collar. The collar edge is trimmed with tiny rickrack which I attached by hand with yellow DMC floss.

This striped fabric is from Nashville Cotton and features a Shadow Embroidered whale on the collar. Instructions for Shadow Embroidery, along with the Easter and Whale designs can be found in the "Heirloom Embroidery" book.

If you would like the romper in smaller sizes, pattern #133 is the same romper in sizes 3 month to 24 month.

Don't forget that we can only sew for the boys for a short time, so don't let the time get away!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Girl Road Trip

Anna and I will be traveling to Tulsa, OK this week! We will be meeting Sylvia from "Sylvia's Delicate Stitches" and a group of ladies for two days of classes!

Friday, will be the "Bias Bound Baby Daygown" class, which is an adaption of pattern #128. The ladies will construct the gown, sew on the bias binding and work on the embroidery in class.
The second day, will be the "Beginning Heirloom Sewing" class. The ladies will either choose from this variation of pattern #126 for a boy's bubble or #127 if they had rather make a dress.

They will learn hints for making tiny tucks and lace shaping.

Gathering lace to entredeux, stitching entredeux to fabric, and several other heirloom techniques.

They will also learn several embroidery stitches to add a touch of elegance to their outfits.
This is the longest road trip that Anna and I have taken by ourselves and we are both pretty excited about the 9 hour drive!!! But, we can't think of anything that could come up that we can't handle and we are really excited about the adventure and spending several days together! I will be sure to take class pictures and let you know how the road trip goes.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Other Things Besides Sewing

Although the intention of my blog is normally to inspire you to sew, this blog is to inspire you to enjoy the great outdoors. Sometimes the best trips are spur of the moment. We pulled out the picnic basket that I got him for Christmas, stopped at the grocery store deli, and headed up the mountain to the park.

On the way we could see storm clouds forming, but decided to continue. We could always eat in the car!

By the time we arrived the rain had stopped and it was about 10 degrees cooler.

We enjoyed the evening and a walk around the lake.

"More picnics", is a goal that we are taking very seriously this summer! What is your summer goal?


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making A Bias Tube

I had few questions about making the bias tube for Bridging or Faggoting around a collar.
First, measure around the outer edge of the collar to determine the length of the bias strip. Fold the fabric at a 90% angle and cut along the fold.

Fold the fabric again to a depth of about 1" and cut along the fold. You now have your bias strip.

Fold the bias strip in half and stitch ABOUT 1/16" from the folded edge. *This is the goal, but this measurment may need to be adjusted depending on the weight of the fabric.

Do not cut off the thread tails! These will be used when turning the bias tube. Trim the excess fabric off of the bias strip, leaving a little less than 1/16".

There are several good loop turning tools on the market, but my favorite remains the most inexpensive! It is made by Dritz, is easy to find at most fabric and craft stores and is under $5!

Run the loop turner through the bias tube and securely wrap the thread tails around the hook at the end of the loop turner. Say a prayer, hold your mouth just right, and gently begin to pull the loop turner back through the tube, gently pulling the tube right side out.

Press the bias strip and continue with your project!

I consider it a good day if the the strip turns easily on the first try, so don't be discouraged if this takes a little practice.



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