Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vintage Sewing For Emma

How is Emma doing? She is doing great and growing like crazy! Although she promised not to change and do new things before I had a chance to see her again, apparently she lied. Last time I saw this sweet baby she was 4 months old. What a difference 5 months makes! I am soooo glad that I will be traveling next week to see her.

This cute little outfit was in the "Nana box" that I sent a few weeks ago. The top features an elephant applique' from and is trimmed with pink rick rack.

The pattern that I pulled from my stash is dated 1980. Since that was during my baby boy years, I think that a friend passed it my way in hopes that we would eventually have a girl. It would be 7 more years before Anna's arrival! I'm glad that I held onto this pattern because it is still cute 31 years later. That is when a pattern is truly a classic.



Karen said...

Emma is going to love those Nana Boxes coming her way! This little outfit is just charming! Love it!

Eileen said...

Lucky girl with those Nana boxes landing in her mailbox! I am sure she will love her Nana visits even more though:)

Sophia said...

You are so right, this is a classic pattern. My mother in law sewed this outfit for my daughter when she was a toddler and gave the pattern to me. Loved it then and love it now. I have it in my vintage stash and hope to use it again one day. Perfect for these 100 degree days! Emma is a lucky girl to have Nana boxes! Enjoy your visit!

Marcy said...

I have that pattern in my box of baby patterns! I need to pull it out and do something with it :-) You are right it is quite classic.


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