Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Jumper For Our Sweet Girl

While going through my stash of samples or as we call them in the business, "The Trunk Show," I ran across this sweet little sundress which happens to be Emma's size! Since the weather is still cool, Mommy can put a white blouse under it and it will work as a jumper for now.

The outfit can be made using pattern #132 or for larger sizes pattern #136. Turquoise gingham has apparently become one of my favorites since I am also using the same fabric for a bishop dress that I am currently working on. I hope that it is a good color on her!

Since a dog and cat are both members of their household, I thought that the smocking design was appropriate. The smocking plate can be found in Sew Beautiful Magazine issue #125.

And how is sweet Emma doing? She is now 15 months old, walking, talking her own baby talk language, and we are looking forward to a visit in just a few weeks!


Monday, February 27, 2012

The Scalloped Hem Tutorial

The "Daisy Chain" dress featured in the current Sew Beautiful Magazine has got a lot of attention and here are the instructions that I promised to share!

*Click here to download the free instructions.

I found that one of the scallop designs on my lace shaping board was almost a perfect fit for the dress hem.

*Click here for the scallop that I used. The same scallop fits all of the sizes in the pattern!

I know that you will enjoy using this hem technique' to add a pop of color to your sewing project!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Sew Beautiful Magazine

I think that I might have been the last person in the country to get my copy of the magazine! My copy is free because I advertise, so I guess that I'll not complain about getting something for free. The funny part was that I was getting tons of orders as a results of the magazine and wasn't sure what was in it!

I got so desperate that I broke down and bought a copy at the grocery store the other morning. I'm not sure how impressed the checkout girl was that my grandson is on page 52, but she was polite enough to show another cashier. And of course my copy was in the afternoon mail.

I was very pleased with how the "Daisy Chain" dress looked in the magazine. Anna is able to take my classic looking patterns and give them a more modern look. The scalloped hem treatment was accidentally left out of the magazine so you will be able to find the instructions and hem pattern in the very next blog.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Life Update

This is for those of you who have been e-mailing asking, "How is Rex?" Well, things are about the same and here is what we do know. He has had a couple of neurological events that have been hard to diagnose that have left him very dizzy and with slight memory issues. All of the scary stuff has been ruled out , but right now he is unable to drive or go back to work. Rex says that if he could get over being dizzy that I could remember things for him! :)

This is the first time in Rex's working life that he has been home for more than 3 days other than vacation, so needless to say, this is very different for both of us. Here is how we handled the disappointing news today that if we do go to UAB for another opinion that there is a 3 month wait.... I packed a picnic and we went to our favorite park at the river where we thoroughly enjoyed the sunny day and slowly walked the path around the park. Someone even commented on how sweet we looked holding hands. What they didn't know is that the hand holding is to keep Rex from falling off of the path. I keep reminding him that if he starts to fall to release my hand! :)

We do know that God is in control and has not forgotten us.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby Jumpsuit Insert Tutorial

Since "A picture is worth a thousand words" I thought that I would share a few pictures. Those of you new to smocking construction will find this a little scary, but let me assure you that it works every time!

Following #138 pattern instructions, complete the smocking and stitch the piping in place. Next, matching the center of the insert to the center of the front yoke, trace the armhole curve with a wash-away marker.
Using a short straight stitch, stitch right on top of the marked line. Using a short and narrow zigzag stitch, zigzag on top of the straight stitching.
Cut out the armhole just above the stitching. The stitching will hold the pleats in place during construction.

This is also the same technique used for smocking at the neck edge and a full smocked bodice.


Friday, February 17, 2012

A Baby Jumpsuit For The Boy

I've managed to work in a little sewing off and on and finally finished an outfit in time for the boy to actually wear! I have loved the Little Memories smocking design "What a Zoo!" for years and was thrilled when Anna and I both picked it out for the new pattern #138.
The jumpsuit is made from blue pique' which is just the right weight for our chilly February weather. Made with long sleeves and ankle length, a light jacket is all he will need to stay nice and warm.

Centering the lion and leaving off the other animals kept that outfit from looking too busy. I also eliminated the fence and moved down the top cable row so that the design would fit on the insert.

Watch for the next blog for the insert tutorial!


In Case You Are Wondering.....

Yes, I am still here. Life just got incredibly crazy for a few weeks and I am looking forward to our "New Normal." The new pattern is now being shipped. The bunny smocking design can be found in the magazine and Easter will be here before we know it!

This little guy and his mommy spent two weeks with us while his daddy was out of town so that they wouldn't be lonely and so I wouldn't worry about Rex while at Martha Pullen School. While visiting the boy learned to crawl and pull up on everything whether it was stable or not. Nana Shay needs to do a little baby proofing before the next visit!

And I'm spending a whole lot of time taking care of the big guy while we go from doctor to doctor trying to get a firm diagnoses. I'm now doing all the driving and his going back to work is hard to imagine anytime soon, but you can tell from the picture that our bad days are still pretty wonderful!

Now that the boy has gone home and Rex and I are adjusting to his being home I am looking forward to getting back to sewing as soon as I finish this blog and posting many more ideas and tutorials. Thank you for your patience.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Pattern?

Many of you are asking,"Where is the new pattern that we are seeing in the latest issue of Sew Beautiful Magazine?" Well, it should be on the website and ready to ship on Monday! Sometimes life interrupts and things just get off schedule.

I have hesitated to share, hoping things would be back to normal by now, but our reality now is that a spilt coffee was our first sign that all was not well with Rex. After weeks of doctors visits and tests, we are still waiting for answers while he remains dizzy and at home. Thank you for your prayers as we wait for answers.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Emma's Lambs

On a recent blog I answered the question, "Can you Picture Smock on a bishop style dress?" The answer was yes, and here is a dress that I made for Emma last year. This was one of those times that I had an idea in my head and couldn't quite find what I wanted so I got out the graph paper and began to play. And the result was "Emma's Lambs."
Blue gingham is always a favorite and I always have plenty on hand. The little white lambs show up nicely and what baby doesn't look good in blue?

Click here for the free design!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Great Bubble Debate

Here is what the well dressed man wore to church on Sunday. It might be January, but we are having an unusually warm winter and with his gray sweater he was fine. Besides Daddy has already expressed that the boy's bubble days are limited!

The bubble is made from pale blue pique' using pattern #105. A simple pattern with inverted pleats and no placket to deal with! The collar is Shadow embroidered with little airplanes that can be found in the "Heirloom Embroidery Book."

Here is what Daddy prefers him to wear every single day!!! Okay....I think he is really cute in his thermal shirt and overalls, and as long as the boy thinks I'm the coolest Nana around and Daddy lets me visit as often as I like, I'm not complaining one tiny bit!

Does it look like someone is about ready to crawl? So far he can only go backwards! :)


*A Message from Anna:

We have clarified with Daddy that not all bubbles fall into the debate. Daddy likes slimmer looking bubbles not ones with gathers that "look too much like a dress." :-) I think we can work with that.

Anna Michie'


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