Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Move Those Buttons!

Because the weather is still very warm in Arizona, I decided to include a pink gingham sundress in my things to take to Emma. You might recognize it from a previous blog, and it was also one of our projects at Martha Pullen School a couple of years ago. It is really exciting that there are now babies in the family to wear these outfits! The balloon smocking design is great for those new to picture smocking and is down loadable on the original blog.

I now join many of you in the struggle in guessing the size of the out of state grand baby. The sundress was a little too big, so I moved the buttons on each shoulder up about and inch and it looked fine on her. The dress has enough room for a white blouse underneath as the weather gets cooler.

"Pretty in Pink" would have also been a good name for this blog! :) I had a few questions about the smocking design that I used for this outfit and the floss colors. The design is "My Mini Friends" by Kathy Crisp Design. The floss colors are DMC #3354, #318, and black.

I have had the design several years and had overlooked it in my binder. While Tiffany was here she actually spotted it and commented on how cute it was. Sometimes we just need a fresh pair of eyes!


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