Friday, April 29, 2011

Storm Update

Hi all,

This is Anna, Michie's daughter. I just wanted to give a brief update for those of you who were wondering. Our area has been hit by a string of tornado's. Our family is all safe. The majority of the area is without power, including Mom and Dad's house.

Your prayers for the clean up effort and all families impacted by these storms are greatly appreciated.


* Correction: I just got off the phone with Dad. Apparently Mom and Dad have power as of last night. I haven't been able to talk to Mom yet, because it has been hard to get through on phones. But they do have power.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sundress In Toddler Sizes

Someone asked the question, "Do you have a sundress in the larger toddler sizes?" The answer is "Yes!" Pattern #121 includes sizes 2-6 and also has a top version of the dress and shorts.

This version of the dress was made from blue twill and trimmed with white and pink rick rack twisted together.

Anna sunburned so quickly when she was little (she still does) that this was about as sundressy as we could put on her! And how is Anna doing? Only a couple of weeks to go! Everything is going well and she and baby are both about ready to get this over with. :)


Monday, April 25, 2011

New Sew Beautiful Issue

The preview copy of Sew Beautiful's Red, White and Blue issue came in the mail and what a fun issue it is! It is one of those issues that just makes you long for hot summer days.

Once again, it was a nice surprise when a recognized one of my patterns in the magazine. The precious dress on the left was made using pattern #12o. Details about the fabric and machine embroidery design for the yoke can be found in the magazine.

A special thank you to the seamstress who designed this dress and congratulations on appearing in the magazine!

While I was flipping through the magazine Anna pulled this out of the closet and said, "Gee Mom, why didn't you submit this?" An excellent question. Let's just call it lack of organization and leave it at that. This outfit is the boy version of pattern #120. Can't you just see Anna's little guy at the beach in this next year?

The sand pail design along with Shadow Embroidery directions can be found in the "Heirloom Embroidery Book."


Saturday, April 23, 2011

"He Is Risen" Matthew 28:6

Once again we are having a house full in our very small house for Easter dinner. We decided a few years ago to make some holiday changes since half of our kids live far away. Instead of sitting around missing those who couldn't be here, we invited a couple from church to join us and it all snowballed from there. So far I have 15 on the sign up sheet to come to lunch in our very small house and only half of them are related to us! This has given us a broad range of ages, stories and fun. Thank goodness the weather is suppose to be nice, so we can overflow outside. Don't worry about me, I'm only supplying the house, Easter ham and ice. And with that many people, who is going to notice if the house is clean?

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend and enjoy a day of worship, family and friends!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Weather

Our Spring weather in Alabama changes quite dramatically from one day to the next. One day you might be out enjoying the day and the next you are.....

all huddled in the bathroom! I was really really hoping that we would not have severe weather while Tiffany and Emma were here for their visit, but with the trip scheduled for April, I didn't get my hopes up. They had been here less that a week when severe storms with possible tornadoes began to move in to the area. Anna and Jason had come over to visit and we were talking of supper plans when the weather got interesting. I explained to Tiffany that if the tornado sirens go off we take cover in safe spots in the house. The plan was, girls to the guest bathroom, and guys to the laundry room. (Both rooms are pretty much centrally located in the house and don't have windows.) Minutes later the sirens went off and by the time I looked away from the TV both girls had grabbed up their babies and were in the bathroom. Good thing that I don't need assistance, I was totally on my own. :) The tornado did not touch down in our area and Tiffany and Emma got to experience their first tornado drill!


Monday, April 18, 2011

1917 Christening Gown

Anna called a few weeks ago and asked if I could go with her to look at a family Christening gown which was in need of repair. Experience had me prepared for almost anything since I have seen many gowns beyond repair, so I was thrilled when the first thing I saw when a walked in was an archival box! As the box was opened my hopes grew as I saw layers of the correct tissue paper.

I started asking the normal questions such as ,"Do you know how old the gown is and who made it?" when a piece of paper was pulled out with the date and name of the Great grandmother who made it in 1917 along with names of all the babies who have been Christened in this treasured gown. When I commented on the fact that 18 names for one gown was awesome, I was instructed to ,"Turn the page over!" Let's just say, that I lost count after 30!

I have never run across a gown this old that was in such good condition and as white. I was told that it did not look this good until a couple of years ago when one of the young women in the family rescued and restored the gown following professional restoration instructions. The biggest problem that the gown had was a hole on the front yoke where the fabric had disintegrated. The fabric was so fine that my goal was the stabilize the fabric so that the hole would not continue to grow. When I got home I discovered that Martha Pullen's Victorian Batiste was almost a perfect match. I cut a piece of fabric the shape of the damaged section and stitched it to the wrong side, then trimmed the frayed edges of the hole, and stitched tiny running stitches around the edges.

The gown was mainly sewn on a sewing machine and was made with lace insertion and edgings. The slip was made from a much coarser fabric and was trimmed with hand crocheted edging which hangs down about 3" below the edge of the gown.

I considered it a huge privilege to see and handle this family treasure and it was ready just in time for the ceremony on Saturday. I'll be sure to post a picture of Anna's little one in the gown in a few months!

*Anna has 30 days to go! Not that she is counting....... :)


Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Sewing For Emma

I must admit that having the opportunity to sew an Easter dress for my first grand daughter was a little overwhelming, and I also wanted Tiffany to pick out what SHE wanted for Emma. So it was a happy coincidence that while they were here for their visit that I was able to choose fabric and patterns for a new project and find out what Tiffany likes at the same time.

A bright yellow bishop with lace and smocking at the sleeves will be perfect for their warm Arizona weather, and I must admit that I have a huge weakness for anything with bunnies! It was also pretty fitting that we happened to look out the window one morning and there was a real bunny nibbling on the grass! Emma could have cared less, but Tiffany and I were pretty excited.

I combined two smocking patterns for the design. Both are by Ellen McCarn. I used "Little Lambs" for the grass and "Baby Bunnies" for the bunnies and carrots. I was very pleased with the results and love reusing favorite smocking designs that I already have on hand.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

All Dressed Up

All dressed up and some place special to go! We are still enjoying our visit with Emma and Tiffany. Emma wore one of her "Nana Shay dresses" to a baby tea for Anna on Saturday.

It has been so much fun having Tiffany here as Anna is getting down to the last month of her pregnancy! What a help she has been sorting and washing baby things!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Visit From Emma

Finally! It has been 4 VERY long months since I have held sweet little Emma! What a thrill when Tiffany and Emma got off of the plane and then we realized that Ben (our oldest) decided to surprise us and come for a few days!!!

Can you believe that this sweet baby is now 5 months old and has doubled in size since I saw her last?

A whole lot of "Nana Shay" rocking is going on, and although I had been hear stories about her, Emma has been on her best baby behavior for her visit. I think that she was just excited about the trip last week when she decided that babies no longer needed to sleep......

This is Aunt Anna's first time to meet Emma. Don't you love the look of pure joy on their faces?


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bringing Home Baby Daygown

Being the easy girl that she is, Anna picked out something from my Trunk Show to bring baby home from the hospital in. I never dreamed in million years that a grand baby would be coming home in this daygown when I made it a couple of years ago. I think that there are some things so close to our hearts that we hesitate to dream about them..

The pattern is #119 and the gown is made from easy to care for Imperial Batiste. The design of the gown has straight lines and a piped collar, all of which passed Anna's military husband's approval!

The three Bullion stitched baby rattles down the center pleat gives the gown some handmade detail without being too much.

Click here for the free "Bullion Baby Rattle" design.

*The baby is a boy and is due May 18th!


Friday, April 1, 2011

A Closer Look

The pink dress in the previous blog turned out too pretty not to give you a closer look!
I had seen a dress in an antique store with a lace and embroidery design which inspired this sweet baby dress. A little lace shaping was required, then the lace was stitched down with a tiny zigzag stitch.
I chose to gather the lace edging just enough so that it would lie flat. Emma still needs to be the star attraction, not the dress.
And of course a little lace and embroidery were needed at the hem. Emma can't possibly be enjoying these dresses as much as I am enjoying making them for her!

* And what is new at our house? Baby Emma and Mommy come for their two week visit this weekend!!!!



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