Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Few Baby Questions Answered

After the last blog a faithful reader asked, "Is Christian a cloth diaper baby?" Yes he is. Not only that, he is a nursing baby, and has such sensitive skin that we call him our "nature baby." Right now Dreft is the only detergent he tolerates and he is even allergic to baby wipes! He gets his sensitive skin from Grand da Rex and his Mommy. After 34 years of marriage, Rex will still question if I have used fabric softener, because he is itching. If I haven't used it in 34 years why would I suddenly start now?

Yesterday, I met Anna and Christian for a little shopping. I guess it was because he had not seen me out shopping with them before, but the little stinker frowned at me the whole time like he didn't know who I was! I'll remember that little guy the next time you are wanting to take a nap with Nana......


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