Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bullion Dragonflies And A Little Color Inspiration

Where do I get color inspiration from? This time it came from my hydrangea bush! As I was watering it one day, and who knew that they needed that much water, I was reminded of how well purple and green go together.
This little shirt and shorts outfit were included in the box that I mailed to Emma several weeks ago. The fabric came from my stash and the shorts have no side seams, so they are super easy to make.
Instructions for the bullion stitched dragonflies can be found in the "Heirloom Embroidery Book."


Jacqueline said...

I just could not imagine some wonderful person sending me such a perfect outfit for my baby! I would be so sad the day my child grew out of these amazing garments!

Kim W said...

That turned out beautiful!


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