Friday, August 5, 2011

A White Bubble For Church

And who doesn't like white on a baby? And how can anyone resist a white bubble with blue piping? And doesn't he look perfect for church and isn't he the cutest thing ever!

This outfit was made by pattern #129 and is suitable for tiny tucks down the front. I have a few tricks for getting the tucks in straight that I will share in a future blog.

What is your favorite color for babies?



Karen said...

What a beautiful child! I love this simple but elegant bubble. My favorite color for babies is white. I think it looks so pretty on little ones and I think it is easier to clean than prints or darker solids. My children had LOTS of white. Second favorite: light blue for both boys and girls.

Martha said...

Precious!!! What size is the bubble? Is he a cloth diaper baby?

He is a cutie!

Jan M said...

Love the bubble, and he is definitely one cute baby!
Babies are so sweet in white, with just touches of soft colors in piping, trim or embroidery.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Just how sweet can that baby get? Darling bubble, and I agree, white is so lovely on babies.

Dawn said...

I think my fave color for babies is a light robin's egg blue.

White is so pretty.

chattycathy said...

He is a cutie. And so lucky to have such a talented grandma--definely the best dressed kid. White is always great, but I like pastels too for babies.

Robin Hart said...

I love pastels on babies but realize that younger moms like bright and bold fabrics.

What a darling child!

Anna said...

Oh isn't this darling. Love it!


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