Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby News!

Many of you know that we have been waiting for adoption news from our oldest son and his wife. This will be our first grandchild, so the waiting and the unknown has been trying to say the least. When they announced their decision to adopt I celebrated by buying the fabric for a baby quilt. When all their paper work was approved I completed the embroidery and pieced the quilt. I struggled with whether to go ahead and begin the hand quilting or wait until things were more definite. Knowing that life can change quickly, I decided to go ahead with the quilting and pray with confidence that God has a baby for this special couple!

Yesterday morning as a I Rex and I were starting our day of "Labor Day" yard work, I told him that I had the most vivid dream that Ben and Tiffany had been matched with a baby. I debated whether to call Tiffany and tell her. Having not ever been in her situation I didn't know if she would be encouraged (I am not known to have prophetic dreams) or would she just think I am plain crazy? While we do e-mail on a regular basis, with them in Arizona and us in Alabama our phone calls usually happen on Sundays. When our phone range about lunchtime on Saturday and I saw Ben's name on the caller ID, I almost couldn't answer it! I kept telling myself to calm down, he is probably just calling to talk football with his Dad. The call went like this, "Hi Mom........we're just hanging out and watching football.....and by the way, we have a match!" Good thing I was sitting down! Just like his Dad, he slowly began to give me information and a few details. I finally couldn't stand it anymore and told him to put Tiffany on the phone. I needed to hear major over the top excitement that only comes from the Mommy!

Baby is due December 1st, and let's just say that I don't have to worry that the quilt looks to "girly!"

We would appreciate your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and delivery and that all will go as planned.



Unknown said...

What wonderful news!! All the best thoughts and prayers to you and your fmily!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I'll be keeping them all in my prayers! Wendy in AZ

Elisabeth Rose said...

Congratulations! I wish excellent health and happiness to everyone involved in this adoption. We will have fun seeing the beautiful garments you make for this little grandbaby!

mollie said...

Congratulations! What exciting news for your family. :) There is just nothing in the world as exciting as this first grandchild will be.

You are going to have so much fun sewing your heart out . . . literally . . . you will sew from your heart!

Jan M said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news!
This will be one well loved and well clothed little child. Blessings to all as you await its arrival!

ShirleyC said...

That is wonderful news. A preacher once told me that God talks to me in my dreams. Scared me to pieces at the time.
My son and his wife are in the Foster Care to Adopt program, and they are praying for a young child or baby.
I can't wait for your new little angle to arrive! Lucky baby!

gmaofthree said...

We are "over the top" excited with you! Waiting is hard, especially when you can't pat a growing belly or talk to the baby, when you wonder if mama is taking the best care she can....But the days will fly by and the joy will be worth every minute!

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you. My first grandchild is due October 6th. So I totally identify with your excitement! I wish you and your family the absolute best. I know God will see his plan through. Get that quilt finished, there are so many clothes to get made. LOL

Karen said...

I am so happy for you all! Our first child was adopted through a private adoption. She is now almost 17 and the light of our lives. Blessings for the health and happiness of all involved. What a gift!


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