Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vacation Time

We finally made the long awaited trip to South Korea to visit #3 son. We had a wonderful time trying to do and see everything in Seoul, and even got to watch him teach the younger kids. They were soooo cute!

Seoul is a beautiful city and had some great museums and fantastic food.

The people were also extremely friendly and since most signs are also in English, Rex and I managed fine on the days that we were on our own. I was telling #2 son last night that every time that we were out on our own that people would stop to see if we needed help with the map or subway. #2 son said that no one ever offered to help him because he is young and looks military that they thought he knew what he was doing. We decided that for once, looking middle aged and confused paid off!

Did I take any sewing? At the last minute I packed a white pleated bishop for the expected grand baby and was able to get it almost entirely smocked while hanging out in the motel room.



Smocking with Gwen said...

Hi Michie',
I had to laugh about the "middle aged and confused"! Years ago..when I was barely middle aged...we were on a train in Italy when there was a train stike. The train stopped in a tiny little town, we had to get off and talk about confused. I guess I really looked confused because a sweet older Italian gentleman...and I do mean gentleman..walked up,patted my arm and told me "no problem" and proceeded to tell us..through much pointy talky....that they stop the trains for an hour or so...just to make the point...and then everything returns to normal. We still laugh about me and my Italian friend.

Hope your having fun!

gijoe1997 said...

So if you are referring to us as #2, #3, etc. are you going to do Grand Baby #1 and #2?

Michie' Mooney said...

Very funny, gijoe1997! I would like to think that you will tell me the baby's name at some point and then she will be addressed as such! :)


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