Friday, September 24, 2010

Vintage Dress Lesson 3

Now for Lesson #3 of the Vintage Dress! I redrafted the sleeve for the dress to take out a lot of the fullness, so that it would have a more vintage look. I started by tracing off the sleeve pattern onto tracing paper, then drawing two lines down the center 1" apart.

I then folded the paper along the two lines, folded it over and taped it in place. I drew long dash lines along the bottom of the sleeve where I wanted to take off 1/2". My blue plastic Flexy Curve was used to draw curve at the "new" bottom edge. It curves up 6/8" at the highest point from the bottom edge. I then took 1/2" off the top edge of the sleeve and cut out my new sleeve pattern. These were the measurements that I use for a size 24 month. They will need to be adjusted slightly for smaller or larger sizes.

I add 3/8" to the sleeve band to accommodate the new sleeve. It turned out perfect!
Wait to sew up the side seams if you want to add a sash, which will be covered in Lesson #4!



Peggy said...

I got really excited with the lesson on altering the sleeve pattern for this little dress. Oh, boy! My questions answered at last!! I'm still hopeful that you will tell me more. Please give more detail about the changes you made after taking out the fullness of the sleeve. What is the purpose of curving the bottom edge? And how do you decide how much can be taken out and still have it fit right?
Thanks so much for the tutorials.

Jan M said...

I adore that little sleeve!

Anonymous said...

Where does one purchase the blue plastic Flexy Curve? Also, where might I find a lace shaping board?


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