Friday, September 10, 2010

Vintage Dress Lesson 1

Here we go with lesson 1! I used pattern #131 for my vintage dress. I started by cutting the skirt front according to the directions and pleating 6 rows. The top row is 5/8" from the raw edge.

Next, I "whipped and rolled" the lace edging to the top raw edge of the skirt. The skirt front for the size 24 month is only 36" wide and I had a piece of antique lace that was the perfect size!

Following the pattern instructions, pull out 5/8" of pleating on each end of the skirt. Count the pleats (these are the "hills") and pull out one row of pleats if necessary so that you have an even number. Mark the center "valley" with a fabric marker. Measure the bottom edge of the front yoke. Draw up the pleating to match the bottom edge of the front yoke and tie off the pleating at each end. *It is always better to tie of a little long than short.

Now you are ready to smock! I smocked cable rows on Row 1 and Row 1 1/2. Row 2 1/2, Row 3, Row 3 1/2, Row 4, and Row 4 1/2 are all half step Baby Waves.

Enjoy you smocking and next Friday we will attach the skirt to the front yoke.


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pattiemoju said...

¡Maravilloso que tengas presente los modelos antiguos!


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