Friday, October 14, 2011

Adding Lace Edging To A Collar

Here is the promised tutorial for adding the lace edging to the collar. The lace gives the collar a soft feminine look and is easy to apply.

You will need lace edging, Gimp thread, and white light weight machine thread.

First, cut out the two collars and linings and sew them together following the pattern instructions.

Cut a piece of lace edging 1 and 1/3 the measurement of the outer edge of each collar. Gently pulling the header thread at each end of the lace, draw the lace up to fit the out edge of the collar. I like to lightly spray starch and press the lace to help hold the gathers in place.

Next, pin the lace edging to the outer edge of the collar so that the lace header barely overlaps the edge of the collar. Baste the lace to the collar by hand. This also gives you a chance to adjust the lace gathers if needed.

Place the Gimp thread on top of the lace header and using an open toed machine foot and lightweight thread, zigzag over the Gimp thread. Every machine is a little different, but I was happy with a stitch width of 2.5 and a length of 1.0. I did not do anything to hold the Gimp thread in place but just took my time and stitched a little at a time, but you may want to try one of the liquid thread products to hold it in place.



Laurie said...

What a neat idea! Thank you Michie. I just love to see all that you show us on your blog.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Great tutorial, but what does the gimp do for you? How about showing a close up of the finished collar?

Jan M said...

I had forgotten about this technique. Thank you for reminding me, and providing such clear and easy-to-follow instructions!


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