Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Different Version For The Smocked Elephants

I wanted to take the time to revisit the smocked elephants with a version for the girls, but I just haven't had time to make that dream come true. So, since life has been a little busy lately, not to mention the distraction of beautiful fall weather, I was thrilled when Peggy sent a picture of the dress she made!

If you were in Martha Pullen School in July, you will remember Peggy as my fabulous assistant and here is her great grand daughter Savannah! Isn't she the cutest thing? Besides the dress, I love her white shoes, and most of all that they let her hold her sippy cup for the picture.

I am not positive which pattern that Peggy used for the jumper, but it looks remarkably like pattern #132. :) Thank you for sharing Peggy!


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Anne at Film and Thread said...

Thank you so much for that plate. I just finished smocking it for a baby with ties to the Univ. of Alabama. It had been 20 years since the last time I smocked anything, so the skills were rusty, but it still turned out cute. Here's a link to my picture on Flickr:

Thank you again!


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