Monday, October 17, 2011

Knitting With A Capital "K"

Anna and I had read that when you REALLY master knitting, you are a knitter with a capital "K." Yes, she is there. She started the elephant while still pregnant and finished just in time for the guy to fall in love with. And my knitting? Just like understanding football, I have once again started the fall making a commitment to learn, so we will see.

Here is the pattern.



Sylvia said...

So is Christian wearing "smocked camo" by chance, too? :)

Jan M said...

I love it! Anna did a fantastic job! I have a teddy bear pattern I hope to someday knit. Knitting is a good winter project. Good luck with learning!

Anna said...

I LOVE knitting , and all of Ysoldas patterns. Beautiful Elephant.


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