Monday, October 3, 2011

A Christening Gown For The Boys

A more masculine Christening Gown was one of the first things that I saw a need for when I first began designing patterns and remains one of my top sellers. If I remember correctly, it was also one of the first garments and articles that I had accepted by one of the sewing magazines which also boosted my confidence tremendously and clued me in that this might be an ongoing thing and not just a passing hobby!

I think of this gown as a compromise for mommy and daddy. The large pleats down the front gives it an almost double breasted look for daddy, while the collar does need a touch of lace and embroidery for mommy.

The Christening Gown is made by pattern #112 and the pattern includes three different style collars to choose from.

Detailed instructions for the sewing the lace to the collar along with the design for the embroidery can be found in the pattern.



greg said...

IT looks amazing and for a christening gown for boys it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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