Friday, July 30, 2010

Martha Pullen Fashion Show

And here they are.....the Fashion Show pictures! One of the highlights of the week is the Martha Pullen School Fashion Show on Friday night. This was the first year that I was able, with Anna's help, to come up with a little boy to model my garments and what a sweetie he was.

I described in a previous blog how to make this outfit from a man's dress shirt.

Ryland was great on the runway, not about Mommy holding him afterwards.

This outfit will be featured on a blog soon, where I will tell how the smocked inset was constructed.

By the end of the evening Ryland was ready to be carried and needed his pacifier. But, I never saw him whimper. He just looked resigned to the fact that this bunch of ladies wanted him to do some strange things.

The last outfit is by one of my patterns, but the adorable frog applique' is by Olivia Anne Designs. By the last outfit, he finished with us all and ready to go home. Thank you, Emily and Ryland, for giving us a chance to see outfits for little boy's!

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