Monday, August 2, 2010

And The Winner Is...

For our Free Giveaway the question was "What other creative things do you enjoy doing?" In other words, what other hobbies do you enjoy besides sewing? According to a Hobby is an, " Activity pursued for pleasure rather than money." For me, my favorite hobby has become a business so I have had to be careful not to lose my love of sewing. I try to make sure that I am not doing a huge amount of business related sewing and I never touch it on the weekends. I also started looking into other hobbies and have picked up photography during the last year. I have enjoyed my new camera, taking classes, and "Photo field trips" as I like to call them. Rex thinks we are going on a picnic, so everyone is happy!

I loved reading about the many types of hobbies and crafts that you enjoy and for those who asked, "Yes, baking is a hobby" especially if you are someone who struggles with it "And reading also counts!" By my definition, anything that makes your heart go "pitter patter" and gives rest to your soul is worth pursuing!

I hope that you will take time to read the comments left on the blog. Who knows, you might be inspired to try a new hobby or bring an old one out of the closet! And now...... the winner is.......

db said...
Like so many others sewing is my first love. When mom passed away I got elected to pick up her love of crochet (which she taught me many years ago) and make sure every new baby in the family had a hand made blanket. And so I do. I also love photography. So much can be captured through the eye of the lens.

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