Thursday, March 25, 2010

Diaper Shirt Details Part 2

Here are some pictures that will help walk you through the steps of applying the bias trim to the diaper shirt. First, follow the direction from the blog "Adapting the Pattern." Next, with right sides together, straight stitch the bias strip to the shirt using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Using a zigzag stitch length of about 3.0 and width of about 3.5, zigzag close to the straight stitching line.

Using the zigzag stitch as your guide, trim away the excess fabric. Press the bias strip away from the shirt.

On the wrong side, turn under the raw edge of the bias strip and pin in place. Using tiny stitches, slip stitch the bias strip in place. This will make your bias strip about 1/4" wide.

This is such an easy technique for diaper shirts and daygowns, that we should all have plenty made up for gifts!

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Laurie said...

That is the prettiest bias edge I have ever seen! Thanks so much for posting your technique - I will try it next time I sew bias trim!

Michie' Mooney said...

Thanks, An additional tip for nice bias, press, and press!

Martha said...

Cute cute cute. And you are right, I wish I did have several things of this nature made up for when I need a baby gift. Adorable

Jan M said...

Great tips, and precious little diaper shirt! The diaper cover in this pattern is so cute, and one that I love to make and give as a gift.


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