Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crochet Edging for Blankets

After receiving several e-mails and comments about the crocheted blanket blog, I decided to take it a step farther, and show the steps that I like to use to prepare a blanket edge.

But, first we will start with a story......the picture above proves that 25 years ago, I was a skilled crocheter! With that in mind, about two years ago, I took my newly married daughter, Anna, and we went to a local guild meeting where Cindy, would teach us to crochet in entredeux. I of course, knew how to crochet, but enjoy the meetings, and was looking forward to spending an evening with my daughter, where she could learn a new skill. Cindy, handed out our packet of supplies, I quickly tied my thread to the entredeux, made sure that Anna had hers' right, and prepared to start. Then, as Cindy began the basic instructions, she said, "And, remember, you crochet from right to left." My brain froze! I could not remember how to crochet. I had never thought about which direction we crochet in and I couldn't get started! I sat there a minute, then looked over at Anna, who was crocheting away, and whispered, "I can't get started, and where did you learn to crochet?" After she got me started, I then had to take it all out because I was doing the wrong stitch. Cindy, noticed me pulling mine out and commented that some of us who already knew how to crochet, may want to pull it out and try a new pattern....... little did she know. Fortunately after about 30 minutes, my long lost skill had come back and I remembered the stitches. Anna laughed and consoled me on the way back to her apartment, when I remembered that the last time I had crocheted, I was pregnant with her!!!

Now, to the blanket. I used a large "wing needle", and the stitch and adjustments, pictured above. If your machine does not have the stitch, experiment with similar ones, or try a zigzag stitch. The "wing needle" is important, because it makes holes in the fabric large enough to insert a small crochet hook through it.

I cut out a square of fabric, 36"x 36", rounded off the corners (I used a plate to trace around), and turned under and pressed a scant 1/4" to the wrong side. I played with stitching from the wrong side of the fabric, to see if I got the desired look, and discovered that either would work fine.

I used a contrasting thread, so that it would show in the photos. I would normally use a white thread to match the blanket. For the blanket, I am working on, I am using a #7 crochet hook, and #8 DMC Pearl Cotton thread. If you need a crochet refresher course, there are several helpful websites.

* Update: He is now in Kuwait, waiting for his flight out. He said, that he had forgot how good Kuwait looks, when you are on your way home! :)



Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Michie! I know you can't wait for your son to get HOME!

gail cofer

Michie' Mooney said...

Thanks, Just got an email that he is about to fly out of Germany!

Cindy said...

Michie' are too funny. See I would not have even known if you had not said anything!!! That was such a fun night!!! You need to come back to more Guild meetings...we have a great group of ladies and we always have a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this machine stitch left in after crochet or do you take it out?

Anonymous said...

Is the machine stitching left in ater crocheting? Love your blog.

Smocking with Gwen said...

As usual, you send us such good hints! Good news that you son is on his way. My son-in-law got back from his 3rd tour in December...happy, happy! Will they come into Atlanta...I'm only 30 minutes (18 miles)from the airport if you ever want to meet him there :-D

Michie' Mooney said...

Yes, You leave the machine stitching in.

I WISH he were coming into Atlanta, I would love to vistit! His pick up point is always Camp Shelby, MS.


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