Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Did They Read My Mind?

As we finished loading up all of my stuff at the Stitchin' Post, they handed me a gift. Of course, I opened it right away! How did they know?

Out of all the beautiful things in the store, the two items that I kept looking at, and had not purchased, were the hemstitched blankets and kimonos. Also, included in my gift bag, was the pearl cotton thread that I would need for the project!

I could hardly wait to get home, and find my crochet hook. Fortunately for me, this is crochet and not a knitting project!

First, I carefully trimmed the excess fabric away, close to the hemstitching. I then, started a simple crochet pattern, working my stitches into the hemstitched holes. The pattern I am using is 2 single stitches, then 1 single stitch, chain 4, single stitch in the same hole, and continue. You can't get much easier than that!

This is a sample of #122, with entredeux and crocheted edging. The top and bloomers are both made from white linen, with hand embroidery in soft vintage colors. The bloomers are the panties, from pattern #123, which were lengthened 1 1/2", when I cut them out.

I have used the same basic crochet pattern, and crocheted into each entredeux hole.

For those who are wondering......no word from Iraq. From past experience, that probably means that he did leave yesterday and is on his way back to the states. IF this happened, our next phone call should be in about 48 hours, from Biloxi, MS. He can then let us know what day to go to Camp Shelby to pick him up!



Laurie said...

LOVE the crochet! I have never seemed to be able to master it so that it looks consistent, but you have inspired me to try again!

Jan M said...

You just might inspire me to try and crochet again! I always wanted to make edging for blankets, but always just ended up with knots! I can knit, just not crochet.
Hope that phone call comes soon!

Kathleen said...

Lovely and delicate!

Unknown said...

Beautiful way to finish a garment. I will definately give it a try.
My son is Army. I remember waiting for my phone call also. It didn't come, but when I came home from work one day, he met me at the door! I forgave him for not calling! Wish you the best.

Cindy said...

What a great gift. I had wondered if you had ever incorporated the entredeux and crochet on a garment after my Smocking Guild program. I love the look it creates!!! Hope you get that phone call soon!!!


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