Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Embroidery Questions

I had an e-mail with several embroidery questions that I would like to answer. Her first question was about this blue linen gown made from pattern #119. She wondered what stitches were used for the sheep.

The body is made from French Knots, the face is Satin Stitch, the ears and bow are Lazy Daisies, and the legs are Bullion Wraps.

The next question was about Shadow Embroidery and what size designs are suitable. Most designs under about an 1 1/2" work well. When Shadow Embroidering larger objects, you may end up with gaps where the thread did not "shadow" through the fabric. I then turn the fabric to the wrong side and weave the thread back and forth to take care of the gaps.
Pattern #113, was used for this Easter Romper, made from pale yellow pique'. I always use Imperial Batiste or pima cotton for Shadow Embroidery. The fabric must be thin enough for the thread colors to show through.

I made this Baby Apron #122, and a matching pink one for a friend who was expecting twins several years ago. It was such a sweet gift and was fast and easy to make when the babies made an early appearance!
I like to use the baby rattle design when teaching, because of the basic shapes. We start with the green circles, next the yellow band, then the rattle and bow. You can complete a basic design like this in about an hour!
This green and white pique' bubble is made using pattern #102. The size of the design matters more when choosing a Satin Stitch design. If the design is larger than 1/2", the object will need to be divided into sections and the stitches staggered.

The turtle is great for the beginner, because he is naturally divided into sections. Each plate on his shell is stitched as an individual object, then an Outline Stitch is used between the sections. All of these designs are in the "Heirloom Embroidery Book" along with the stitches.

I love to hear that you are trying something new, so don't hesitate to ask questions. I promise that someone else is wondering the same thing!


Unknown said...

I love all of these outfits, they are precious.

Are these designs all in your embroidery book?

Michie' Mooney said...

Yes, all of the designs are in the book and in various patterns.


Stephanie said...

Thank you very much for answering my questions. As a beginner, it is difficult to look at a desgin like the turtle or the lamb and know to do it like that. It's a little mind boggling!

Martha said...

Very cute!!! I love both of those daygowns.

Nicole said...

I love everything! I have your book and have made several cute things from it and this gives me some more ideas!


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