Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Perfect Buttons

Once again, I completed a garment and then went on the search for the perfect buttons! And with a bishop that buttons down the front, the buttons really do matter. I was happy with the pale yellow fabric and blue floss, but then struggled to find pale blue buttons that were delicate enough for a newborn size dress. Fortunately, I remembered that Wendy carries the buttons that I had in mind. As you can see from the picture, I ordered more than buttons! I couldn't resist the same buttons in pink, a bag of buttons, blue and white baby pique', and a cute duck print. I can hardly wait to start on the fabric and will be sure to share the projects!

The finished bishop turned out sweet and simple for a new baby girl.

I made up the smocking design as I went along. I will share it with you in the near future in a down loadable format.


Cindy said...

MIchie'....it is precious. It makes me want to start on a bishop soon!!!

Martha said...

So precious. I love blue and yellow together. Very pretty,

AdronsCatherine said...

So sweet! I am thinking about starting to make itty bitty baby things so they will be ready for future grandbabies. This is just so classic, delicate, and perfect for my "Yia Yia's hope chest"!

zees5 said...

Michie, I have the book from the MP school and I absolutely love it. I made a baby dress with the bunny you show in this post framed in a spray of flowers. It is a lovely pattern and my step niece loved it some much, she doesn't want her daughter to wear it, but I hope she will.

Your MP class was awesome. I learned so much. I finished the towel and even though my leaves are a bit large and clutzy, I LOVE IT! I'd like to learn to pleat so I can smock, but your book (which unfortunately is wrinkled now due to getting wet), is great inspiration for plenty of projects. I also love your project with the cat and dog out of this book in Creative Needle. God bless you, Page

Piper said...

Love the sweet bishop. I love blue and yellow together and think my new little one might need one just like yours. Can't wait to have the smocking plate. thanks for always sharing!


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