Monday, January 25, 2010

"Rubber Ducky Your the One!"

I just realize that I still know ALL the words to Sesame Street's "Rubber Ducky." I watched that show a lot in the 80's with the kids!

With that in mind, I will share a sample that I am working on for Martha Pullen School. This is a version of #122 Baby Apron, with smocking added in the center. For this sample, I cut a square piece of fabric the length of the garment front, and added 6" to the center. I then marked the center and pleated 16 rows all the way across the top.

Carefully pull out the pleater thread from each end, leaving a total of 32 pleats in the center. Draw up the pleats to about 2" and tie off the pleater threads.

I then marked the garment front onto the fabric with a water-soluble marker. Be sure, to allow for the collar before beginning the smocking! Complete your smocking, leaving in the pleater threads.

After all the smocking is complete, straight stitch around the neck edge on the marked line, then stitch again using a short and narrow zigzag stitch. Cut out the garment front next to the stitching line. You may now remove the pleater threads.

This baby apron is made from white pique' and is smocked with Ellen McCarn's "Ducklings."

Tune in tomorrow for a picture of the finished outfit!
Don't forget, this is the last week for the Anniversary Sale!

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Martha said...

Michie, how do you handle the bulk that those pleats creat at the neckline? Just wondering.


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