Monday, January 11, 2010

Color Inspiration

I thought that I would give you a glimpse of what I am currently working on. This will be a newborn size bishop for display at Martha Pullen School in Feb.

The fabric is pale yellow Victorian batiste, with smocked sleeves, and buttons down the front. The floss colors are DMC #3752 and #3753, and I'm making up the smocking design as I go. If it turns out like I hope, I will share it on a later blog.

After the dress was pleated and ready to smock, I drove myself crazy trying to decide on what color to smock it in! While I was looking around for inspiration, I looked down at my tea cup and thought, "Hey, I've loved the blue and yellow flowers on my dishes for almost 32 years, why not go with that?"

So there you go, sometimes inspiration is literally at our finger tips!

1 comment:

Pam Marshall said...

I so want to go to that.
Any way, love you work. You don't use a smocking board when you smock, thats interesting I was tought with one but may try a different approach.
Keep feeding our passion, cause I'm diffently a novice.


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