Saturday, October 13, 2012

Long Pants For The Boy

At 17 months he looks like such a big boy that it was time for a "Big Boy" outfit.  The shirt is made out of a striped blue and yellow cotton with a contrasting white collar.  

Pattern #139 was used for the shirt and the shorts were redrafted to long pants with suspenders.  To make the needed changes, I measured the little guy from waist to ankle, added the length to the shorts and then tapered them in slightly at the ankle.  Suspenders were added which crisscross in the back and button to the pants in front.  The pants are made out of a super soft denim and loops on the shoulders of the shirt help to hold the suspenders in place.

Quite the little climber, our little guy climbed out of the crib, opened his bedroom door, and decided to  find Mommy and Daddy on his own last week!  



Anonymous said...

These are adorable! As are all of your things. I'm curious bough if you allow small sale of items made from your patterns and plates. I have made a lot of items from them for my little ones and people always ask me to do things for them. Do you allow that with credit/reference to you?

Patrice said...

Look at his little face! So so sweet. Love the big boy outfit! :)


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