Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blue and Ecru Daygown

Christian 3 month.  "Discovery of feet!"

Nothing is more appropriate for baby than a daygown.  So, when sewing for the little man, I can usually keep the daddy happy by adding a touch of blue, using purchased tatting instead of lace, and then make him practice saying, "This is a daygown, not a dress."  

This lovely daygown is made by pattern #125 out of ecru and blue handkerchief linen.  The instructions for the Madeira hem are included in the pattern.

Tiny tucks and a touch of hand embroidery gives the gown an elegant look.



Arlene G said...

Just Beautiful Michie!! And we call them Man Dresses at our house!:)

Martha said...

Beautiful as always. I too repeat over and over, "its a daygown not a dress!"

ShirleyC said...

That is such a precious picture, and the gown is gorgeous!
I made a couple for my first grandson. My daughter told my son-in-law that Cayden was wearing baby looking clothes for at least a year, and then she would let up. LOL


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