Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It Just Occurred To Me....

It just occurred to me.....
1. Easter is only a month away!
2. There are TWO babies that I might like to sew for this year!
3. Emma arrives in a week and I had much rather play with babies than sew!

And so, this is the progress of Christian's outfit so far. The smocking design is out of an old issue of "Creative Smocking" magazine. Sorry, I don't know which issue. Hopefully I can start constructing the Jon-Jon this afternoon, and I am about ready to start smocking Emma's insert. Fortunately, I do smock fast.

Anna picked out what she wanted for Christian's first Easter, but since Emma's mommy is very busy with the move, I am making something suitable for spring in case she already has a special dress.

Also, in my very laid back state of mind that I try to live in and with all the life changes we have right now, I am very aware that Easter will be wonderful whether or not the babies have handmade outfits. I'll keep you posted on the progress. I know you can already guess that I am going for "simple" this year!

How is your Easter sewing going?



Anonymous said...

Well,thanks for asking. The Easter photo shoot is Friday so I finished the jon jon #137(fabric little yellow ducks with three little swimming ducks smocked across the top), and a light blue check with the lop ear bunny (Sew Beautiful's last issue) in shadow work....I am exhausted but done!
My daughters call my sewing room 'Gramma's sweat shop' since I make so many things and love every minute of it!!!And they thought I wanted a granddaughter..I love sewing for Baby Charlie.

TerriSue said...

i just love your design. i so wish creative needle hadn't gone under. he is going to look adorable with those baskets of chicks going across his chest. i can't wait to see the material for the jon jon.

Helen Jeanette Bynum said...

Thank you for the free Cross Design. Also, I love the ducks design. Is that yours or didyou purchase it? I would love to know where you got it. Am working on Bunnies hold Easter Egg for my friends' little boy. Thanks for your blog. I love it.


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