Saturday, March 3, 2012


We have had more changes over the past 6 weeks than I care to think about. Rex is now home from work, and although he is feeling some better, it is probably for good. We are back to the original diagnoses that he has probably had a series of mini strokes and we finally have an appointment at Vanderbilt in a few weeks.

And about the time we were getting really down about the whole thing, it was time for Daniel to come in from South Korea for a month long visit! What a nice distraction, or comic relief as we like to call it.

And since all of that isn't exciting enough....... our sweet little Emma along with Mommy and Daddy will be coming the end of the month. Best of all, not just a visit, but for a permanent move! I am so overcome with the very idea that I have a hard time even writing about it. When the possibility of their move came up months ago, we had no health issues going on. I can't believe how God put everything in motion before we even knew we had a need. What a reminder to trust him with each day and not to worry about what is ahead.

With all of that going on, tomorrow is our 35th wedding anniversary. Yes, we did marry really young. You might be wondering what we are doing for this special year? Probably just going out for a nice dinner and stare lovingly into each others eyes. :)



Walker_Mom said...

Michie, Happy Anniversary to you and Rex! Prayers are ongoing for good news at Vanderbilt and many blessings along this journey.
Diane Walker

Alicia said...

Michie, I've never met you but have loved your patterns and made several of them for grands and friends. Perhaps I'll be able to attend MP's SOAF again soon and meet you there.

Wonderful news that Emma and family will be moving there!

You and Rex are on my prayer list. Hope you have a blessed Anniversary!

Alicia in MS

ShirleyC said...

I'm so sorry about Rex, but what a blessing that everything has fallen into place.
I love your patterns and your blog.

Tracey in FL said...

Oh, Michie, I am so sorry to hear about Rex. Thank goodness he is feeling better, and that you will soon have that appointment at Vanderbilt.

It's wonderful to hear that Emma and family are moving back home, and that your other son is home for a long visit. It will be good to have all the children nearby for a while.

You probably don't remember me, but I had been scheduled to tke your classes at the recent SOAF, after taking a pre-day with you last year, but two family emergencies caused me to cancel. Fortunately for us, both are resolving well. Perhaps next year...

Best wishes for good news from Vanderbilt and on the family being together! Happy Anniversary - hope it was a wonderful day!

Janice said...

Michie, you and Rex are in my prayers, as well as Emma and her family as they make this big move. I love your patterns and the personal tone of your blog with the wealth of sewing info you offer. Please keep us posted about Rex's progress.

Eileen said...

Happy anniversary to you!! I hope you find some answers in Nashville. Prayers will be coming your way for healing and for safe travels for all of you. I know you and Rex will be so happy to have both grandbabies nearby adn we will get to enjoy more pictures of Miss Emma!


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