Saturday, March 17, 2012

An Easter Sewing Update

A little Easter sewing update. The smocking is completed for Christian's outfit. And it only took a whole week for me to find a little time to sit down and sew! :) The Jon-Jon is completed and ready for buttons. (You may notice that I added a couple of small pleats under the insert.) And the white Imperial broadcloth shirt is cut out and ready to start stitching.

The smocked insert for Emma's dress is almost completed, and since she arrives tomorrow, sewing time is going to be scarce!

What have I been doing this past week? Well, really important stuff such as enjoying absolutely beautiful spring weather, taking Rex back to the doctor after a particularly bad day, sharing in the fussiness and wonder of Christian's first tooth, enjoying Daniel's visit, and playing games with Rex, Tim, and Daniel until way too late last night!

This is the face you make when your tooth is about to come in! :)

I hope that you too are able to enjoy some family time during this next week and just squeeze that sewing in when you can!


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