Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nap Time Sewing

Let's just say that it has been many many years since I had to pray that a little one would take a long nap so that I could sew! I was able to get exactly 1 hour and 47 minutes of sewing time in yesterday. Just enough to finish Christian's Easter outfit!

The blue gingham Jon-Jon is perfect for the boy's first Easter. I added two small pleats under the insert to give it as Anna said, "A little more baby fullness."
I used pattern #107 for the white Imperial Broadcloth shirt. I lengthened the shirt by about 3" for the appropriate length and changed the pointed collar to a rounded Peter Pan collar.
I just guessed at how much to round off the back and front points of the original collar pattern, but you could easily use another pattern with a Peter Pan collar to get the right curve.

Emma's Easter dress is cut out and ready to go. May we have more good naps this week!



Eileen said...

Love it!! I am sure you just want to spend all that time with your little cutie now that she is here. Prayers continue for you and Rex and for lots of good days ahead!

amalowany said...

Thanks for the diagram as I'm interested in turning a peter pan collar into the more angular collar. I love all the articles and tutorials that you post.
I read your blog for my inspiration.

amalowany said...

Thanks for the diagram and I was hoping to alter a Peter Pan collar to a more angular one as included with many of your patterns.

I look to your blog for my inspirations on what I should do with my fabric stach.

Your tutorials are most helpful and I have loved working with Wonder Tape that I have just recently found at a local fabric store.


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