Monday, March 26, 2012

If You Can Sneak In A Little Lace.....

If you can sneak in a little lace, it turns a simple bubble into a very dressy Easter or dedication outfit. Made from pattern #111, I used white 100% pima cotton, and ecru lace edging. The bubble features simple tucks and antique pearl buttons.

Besides being the traditional color for Easter or Baby Dedication, white is also my favorite for portraits. As fair and blond as our little guy is, white still shows off his beautiful complexion.



Janice said...

What a beautiful, classic little outfit on a beautiful little boy. This should be on the cover of a magazine or a book on beautiful babies.

Jennifer said...


This was the very first outfit I made my son who is now 6 1/2! I saw it featured in SB. It is still one of my favorites! Although I had been sewing most of my life, I had not sewn anything for him b/c I was teaching at the time. I have since quit and have made most everything he's worn. Sadly, he's at that age that I'm mourning the loss of what I love to do for him. He also loves it. He has requested I make his Easter outfit again this year! How can I refuse that?! Thank you for inspiring me with this beautiful outfit!

Alicia said...

How beautiful! The precious baby and his outfit! I so love seeing little ones dressed traditionally.

Your sewing and patterns are a wonderful inspiration, Michie`! Thank you!

Carla Fiedler said...

iessum onsivceMichie, the bubble is beautiful, made more so by the handsome li'l guy wearing it!

Carrie said...

I love this outfit. I don't think Kevin would be ok with me putting our sons in lace, but if he ever gave in, I would choose this outfit :-) it's so classic!!!


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