Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Jumper For Our Sweet Girl

While going through my stash of samples or as we call them in the business, "The Trunk Show," I ran across this sweet little sundress which happens to be Emma's size! Since the weather is still cool, Mommy can put a white blouse under it and it will work as a jumper for now.

The outfit can be made using pattern #132 or for larger sizes pattern #136. Turquoise gingham has apparently become one of my favorites since I am also using the same fabric for a bishop dress that I am currently working on. I hope that it is a good color on her!

Since a dog and cat are both members of their household, I thought that the smocking design was appropriate. The smocking plate can be found in Sew Beautiful Magazine issue #125.

And how is sweet Emma doing? She is now 15 months old, walking, talking her own baby talk language, and we are looking forward to a visit in just a few weeks!



Debbie B said...

That's so sweet! Since her mom(our daughter) is on vacation this week and I don't keep her every morning, I've been sewing spring clothes for our grandgirl too! So much to sew, too little time!

Caroline's seamstress said...

Happy Anniversary!
Congratulations on 35 years.
I hope the Vanderbilt trip proves to provide some answers for you but I know that whatever the outcome, you both will handle with grace whatever God has planned for you.


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