Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Sew Beautiful Magazine

I think that I might have been the last person in the country to get my copy of the magazine! My copy is free because I advertise, so I guess that I'll not complain about getting something for free. The funny part was that I was getting tons of orders as a results of the magazine and wasn't sure what was in it!

I got so desperate that I broke down and bought a copy at the grocery store the other morning. I'm not sure how impressed the checkout girl was that my grandson is on page 52, but she was polite enough to show another cashier. And of course my copy was in the afternoon mail.

I was very pleased with how the "Daisy Chain" dress looked in the magazine. Anna is able to take my classic looking patterns and give them a more modern look. The scalloped hem treatment was accidentally left out of the magazine so you will be able to find the instructions and hem pattern in the very next blog.



Jean said...

Beautiful! I love the picture of your grandson. Which I have not seen in real life yet, because my copy has not arrived. :(

scrapbkfan said...

I love the "Smocked Bishop" #135 in this issue. I love the smocking plate, it says it is an original geometric with pink bullion roses smocking plate. I wish the smocking plate was available. To add the fancy band, is the band added in place of the hem? I also have trouble when sewing the neck binding onto the dress at the sleeve seam, any suggestions on how to make the sleeve band not so bulky? Thanks!


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