Friday, February 17, 2012

In Case You Are Wondering.....

Yes, I am still here. Life just got incredibly crazy for a few weeks and I am looking forward to our "New Normal." The new pattern is now being shipped. The bunny smocking design can be found in the magazine and Easter will be here before we know it!

This little guy and his mommy spent two weeks with us while his daddy was out of town so that they wouldn't be lonely and so I wouldn't worry about Rex while at Martha Pullen School. While visiting the boy learned to crawl and pull up on everything whether it was stable or not. Nana Shay needs to do a little baby proofing before the next visit!

And I'm spending a whole lot of time taking care of the big guy while we go from doctor to doctor trying to get a firm diagnoses. I'm now doing all the driving and his going back to work is hard to imagine anytime soon, but you can tell from the picture that our bad days are still pretty wonderful!

Now that the boy has gone home and Rex and I are adjusting to his being home I am looking forward to getting back to sewing as soon as I finish this blog and posting many more ideas and tutorials. Thank you for your patience.


1 comment:

Jan M said...

You must have loved witnessing all of the latest milestones! He even got to wear bubbles!
Continued prayers for you and Rex, during these days of appointments and waiting.


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