Sunday, February 5, 2012

Emma's Lambs

On a recent blog I answered the question, "Can you Picture Smock on a bishop style dress?" The answer was yes, and here is a dress that I made for Emma last year. This was one of those times that I had an idea in my head and couldn't quite find what I wanted so I got out the graph paper and began to play. And the result was "Emma's Lambs."
Blue gingham is always a favorite and I always have plenty on hand. The little white lambs show up nicely and what baby doesn't look good in blue?

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Jan M said...

We already know Emma is just the cutest baby, and now her little bishop may be the sweetest one I have seen! Love the lambs. Thank you for the design!
I agree, blue gingham is perfect for baby boys and girls!

Laurie said...

Thank you! This is so cute!

Debbie B said...

So precious! I have a request for a golf themed bishop and am working on something easy for that. Maybe combining a little bit of picture smocking with some geometric rows. I think it would look good on the blue gingham too.

Walker_Mom said...

Thanks, Michie. My favorite bishop picture smocking plate is "Velma's Paper Dolls." I made it for my daughter many years ago, and now I'm smocking for HER daughter. Memories:)

Laurie said...

Well isn't she just as cute as a lamb in her smocked bishop! Thanks for sharing - soooo sweet!

Anonymous said...

What sweet little lambs! I picked up the newest SB today just for your bunny smocking plate. Thank you!


Ms. Elaine said...

You so kind to share your talents! This is so very cute. I have twin great neices that I hope to do these for! Love your work and love your blog!

Unknown said...

This is Precious. Any suggestions on pleating the gingham; and what kind of pleater do you use? It looks great.


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