Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Great Bubble Debate

Here is what the well dressed man wore to church on Sunday. It might be January, but we are having an unusually warm winter and with his gray sweater he was fine. Besides Daddy has already expressed that the boy's bubble days are limited!

The bubble is made from pale blue pique' using pattern #105. A simple pattern with inverted pleats and no placket to deal with! The collar is Shadow embroidered with little airplanes that can be found in the "Heirloom Embroidery Book."

Here is what Daddy prefers him to wear every single day!!! Okay....I think he is really cute in his thermal shirt and overalls, and as long as the boy thinks I'm the coolest Nana around and Daddy lets me visit as often as I like, I'm not complaining one tiny bit!

Does it look like someone is about ready to crawl? So far he can only go backwards! :)


*A Message from Anna:

We have clarified with Daddy that not all bubbles fall into the debate. Daddy likes slimmer looking bubbles not ones with gathers that "look too much like a dress." :-) I think we can work with that.

Anna Michie'


Stacey said...

Tell his daddy that if he wears diapers he is still a baby and babies wear bubbles!

Elisabeth Rose said...

Christian is absolutely adorable and I love his bubble, too. It is very boyish and looks great on that handsome boy!

Sally said...

Those daddies can't wait to make little men out of their boys. Babies and bubbles go together and is adorable as is the model. Can't wait to meet him next week.

Kim W said...

He looks cute dressed either way!

And Stacey, I'm remembering that rule in case I have grandsons. I'm sure my son-in-law will feel the same as Christian's daddy!

Jan M said...

I love, love, love the bubble, but I also adored my little boy in overalls! It is a good there are 7 days in the week and time to wear many different things!

Laurie said...

Precious! LOVE the bubble!

Anonymous said...

He is just so precious!!!! Love the romper AND the overalls. I think he could make anything look good. Most babies do crawl backwards first. If you put his feet against something (your arm, a wall, etc...) he will go forward. Of course, he will also start crawling forward when he is ready as well. Enjoy that sweet boy every second you can!!!


Amanda said...

Michie, I'm Anna's friend Amanda. I'm smocking your cross plate for my little one Will and can't wait to finish it. It is looking great! Also, my little one is about 6 weeks younger than Christian and I think his daddy would prefer overalls as well. I'm actually working on your #132 sunsuit pattern for a couple of outfits for the summer! Want to make him these before bubble days are gone!

angelework said...

Love the Bubble...I've promised myself to finish a teetering stack of UFOs...but this one is calling to me. Maybe just one or two new projects thrown in the mix...? Overalls are adorable -- but they can wear them quite a few years. The bubble's life is shorter. I say...let there be bubbles!


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