Sunday, September 4, 2011

Measuring The Baby

I've had a few questions lately about measuring the baby or in this case the little wiggle worm! This measuring session became a wrestling match and I think that Christian won. Since he discovered his feet a few weeks ago, this is what most of his pictures look like. We even tried holding his feet down for a couple of shots and he wrinkled his little face in the funniest frown ever. But wait, that has nothing to do with measuring except you will want to try to do it when they are in a pretty good mood!

At this infant age there are only a few basic measurements that you need. Waist, thigh, neck to crotch, neck to ankle, and dress length (for the girls). In this picture you see his fat little thigh being measured. I would then add about an 1/2" to 1" for the elastic in a bubble leg. The same rule is used for the waist measurement.

The most important measurement is the Neck to Crotch measurement. This measurement is taken from the base of the neck to mid crotch. I normally would help hold and flatten the little guy for this, but I was busy with the camera and how mad did we really want him at this moment?

The neck to ankle measurement is needed for a long Jon-Jon or romper. Measure neck to mid calf for a dress length. Once you get the measurements, you can refer to the Size Chart.

I also have the problem that many of you have with a grand baby who is out of state. I demonstrated the measurements that I need so that Tiffany can now send new measurements to me occasionally. To play it safe I sew a size bigger than Emma is wearing and send it on, so that it will be hanging ready in the closet when she wakes up a size bigger one morning!

*As we watched football this Labor Day weekend, we couldn't help but remember how exciting last year was!


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