Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Tip For Neckbands

It's the little tricks and tips that we sometimes don't even think about that give our sewing that nice finished look. Whether it is a diaper shirt or a bishop dress, a nice neat neckband gives the garment a professional look.

Remember, that your neckband is always cut on the bias according to your pattern instructions so that it will turn nicely and that the goal is to have a small neckband of about 1/4", so there will be some trimming. Neckband are usually drafted a little wider than this so that the brand new beginner will not totally freak out. But for you seasoned sewers or you fearless beginners this is where you can really show off your skills!

And what is this nifty trick? Simply this, after you have stitched the neckband to the garment, zigzag close to the stitching using a width of 3.5 and length of 2.0. Next, trim away the excess fabric close to the zigzag stitching. Not only does this give you a guide for trimming, it also gives a little stability to a neckband that may get a lot of abuse from a little one!

Finish the neckband by trimming the neckband so that there is just enough left to turn under the raw edge and turn again so the you are slip stitching the folded edge to the first stitching line that attached the neckband to the garment. This will give you a nice neat neckband that is only about 1/4" wide.

I had a few inquiries about this sweet fabric. I wish I had more information. I purchased it from Beth's Heirloom Sewing over a year ago. The selvage says "Westminster Fibers #DW 26 Vehicles Allover."

Best of luck with your neckbands!



Saint Nolt Sews said...

I have never zig-zagged the edge. Great idea for stability! Thanks.

Unknown said...

great idea and tutorial!!!

Debbie B said...

Thanks for the great tip! I'll definitely try to remember it when I'm stitching up that next bishop or little top!

Stephanie said...

I bought some of this fabric at The Square Quilter in Shiner, Texas. Their phone number is 361-594-8022, and their web address is When I bought it, it was on sale, and she said she still has some.


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