Monday, September 12, 2011

Candy Corn For The Boys

Of course we need some cute ideas for the "Candy Corn" smocking design that will work for the boys! Here are a couple of ideas that I pinned to my design board. Black pique' and black and white gingham would be great fabric choices. I threw in a strip of yellow gingham that I might want to consider for piping. Patterns #115 and #134 were the first to pop into my mind, but a Jon-Jon with a long sleeve shirt would also be really cute!

Since candy corn is Grand da Rex's favorite candy in the whole world, to the extent that I learned several years age not to put them in a center piece....Christian just might need a candy corn outfit!


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Helen Jeanette Bynum said...

I like to sew in the mornings. Seems like I have better concentration. But I have been known to be sewing at 9:00 at night too if I have something that needs to get finished. I have recently retired and so I have lots more time to sew and smock.


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