Thursday, September 15, 2011

Choosing A Contrasting Fabric

I broke my own rule and purchased the print fabric with no project in mind. Sometimes the colors and graphics are just really good! Although the fabric would make great shorts for a toddler, it is a little busy for a baby boy. The best solution was to try to tone it down with a contrasting fabric. I pulled out my gingham scraps and began auditioning the fabrics. Black, red, and gold all went well, but the blue toned the primary colors down.

I went through the same process with the buttons, taking the time to lay out different colors to see which ones had the best impact without being overwhelming.

This is should be a fun and creative process, so don't let it slow you down too much. There are no wrong choices! :)



The Heritage Farmgirl said...

I love the gingham section of the fabric store for this very reason. Love your little outfit.

Anonymous said...

What a darling little print! Do you happen to know the name/manufacturer? I really enjoy seeing your boy clothes.


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