Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I'll have to admit that I do not like to pleat the fabric for smocking. I have a great pleater that I have had for 21 years and we are on good terms, but I will put off pleating as long as possible! My pleater sits in it's original box on the shelf right next to my cutting table, so it IS convenient. And no longer are the days when I have to search the house for the wooden dowel because it might have become a ninja warrior sword or a princess wand. So, my only excuse is that pleating is not really fun! Like anything else, pleating does get easier with practise, and you need to ALWAYS use good quality fabric that does not put strain on the needles.

Not long ago while pleating an insert I though how nice it would be to have a basket of already pleated inserts and bishops. The light bulb in my head went off, and I am now trying to always pleat more than one thing when I have the pleater out! My basket now has a few pleated inserts ready for smocking and soon I will add a few bishops in various sizes and colors for the new expected grand baby!

Although the thought of pleating doesn't make my heart beat faster, a pleated insert and floss to match my fabric does!!! This morning I pleated the two inserts that I need to finish up my samples for Martha Pullen School and after consulting my DMC floss chart made a trip to Hobby Lobby for floss. I am now ready for some evenings of smocking!

Do you have a trick to help make pleating less of a chore?



Virginia said...

I just read your post and think it's a great idea. I've always purchased my pre-pleated insterts. Which fabric do you use for your inserts and what size?
Thanks for your wonderful blog. It is so inspiring.

Sewbusymor said...

It seems that many people have a big dislike of pleating! I agree that good fabric makes a big difference, but having the correct needles is also important. I don't mind pleating, except when I am in a rush to get to the smocking..;-)
just another step before the fun!
I have to make more inserts so I can smock and then create!

Ellie Inspired said...

Great idea! And I'm glad to know there will someday come a day when my dowel rod doesn't become a sword or a princess wand that I have to search for! :)

Robin Hart said...

I became at one with my pleater several years ago when I pleated 150 bonnet kits for SAGA convention. I now think nothing of whipping it out and pleating away. I have changed needles in the middle of pleating when one broke... took the top rod off to make sure a seam went through fine. Now those colors you are using make my heart sing.


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