Friday, October 15, 2010

Pleating Question Answered

I was asked to give a little more detail about the inserts that I like to pleat up ahead of time. I generally use Imperial Broadcloth because is soft enough for pleating but also has enough body that it is suitable for Geometric or Picture Smocking. The standard length of fabric for a pleated insert is 45" long and I like to pleat 10 rows since I am rarely smocking anything that calls for more than 8 rows of smocking.

The smocked insert in the picture is for baby playsuit pattern #123 that I will be teaching at Martha Pullen School. You are instructed in this pattern to pleat a strip of fabric 36" long.

After a very busy day, I started smocking last night thinking that I would only get a few rows done, but I actually completed the whole thing in 3 hours! I know.....who sits and smocks for 3 hours! I was just soooo close to being done that I couldn't put it down. :) It is an original design of simple 3 step waves.


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Eileen said...

I know the feeling! Sewing recharges my batteries and before I know it, 3 hours have gone by!


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