Monday, October 18, 2010

Pleating Corduroy

Can you pleat corduroy? If you use the right kind of corduroy it pleats up beautifully. I always make sure that I use Featherwale corduroy, because it is soft enough that it goes through the pleater without putting stress on the needles.

Because of the bulk of the fabric there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. The pleats will not press together as tightly as other fabric, so you will need to take out some of the pleats. When pleating an insert or dress front, I pull out as many pleats as needed when sizing and tying off so that the pleated piece will lay flat when stitched to the yoke.

I have also made some very pretty bishops out of corduroy. Once again, because of the bulk, adjustments need to be made when cutting out the dress. I take out about 2" from the front and back centers of the dress when cutting out and about 1" from the center of each sleeve. This ensures that there is not more fullness at the neck edge than the neck band can accommodate.


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Unknown said...

I too have pleated corduroy - featherwale - and it is a joy to smock and sew.


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