Saturday, October 30, 2010

And the Winner Is!

And the winner of our random drawing for a free pattern or the Embroidery Book is .........Heather! I loved reading all of the sewing memories and hope that you can take the time to read a few of them. Heather, e-mail me through the website, so that we can get your free gift in the mail!

heather said...
i smocked my first dress for my 6 months old daughter ( she just turned 35!]. It was a Style pattern and had iron on dots. It was made of light blue polyester dotted swiss and I used white, pink ,yellow, green and purple floss. I used nylon lace to edge the neck and sleeves and I thought it was beautiful. I proudly had her photo taken in it. I still have that little dress. I look at it now and see all its imperfections , Now I make smocked dresses for my little grand babies using a pleater, cotton heirloom fabrics, french lace and a more restrained color palette but I keep that little blue dress to remind me of my first baby and of how very young I was .

I am creating my own new sewing memory this weekend. Anna and I leave Monday morning to teach in Baton Rouge and New Orleans all of next week, grandbaby is due in 10 days and just found out that she will barely weigh 5 lbs.! I stayed up late and got up early to sew a white little daygown in a preemie/newborn size that I can priority ship as we leave town. I couldn't stand the thought that I had not made anything small enough for her to wear! For those of you who are wondering, I have plans to fly to Arizona when she is a month old. I hope that by then she will be big enough that I will be comfortable holding her!!!


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Jan said...

Congrats gramma! Can't wait until you post pic of the little darling in one of your beautiful gowns.


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