Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sew Beautiful Magazine #132

I always look forward to my new issue of Sew Beautiful Magazine and this one did not disappoint. It arrived right as I was going out of town last week and I could hardly wait to get to my brother's house and open it up! Full of great ideas for Fall sewing projects I think it is one of the best issues that I have seen in awhile.

It was a wonderful surprise when I discovered that Karen and Tamzin Bosch had used my "Infant Shirt and Diaper Cover" pattern #109 for this little outfit. I think that their "Little Lion" embroidery design is sweet as can be, and the pattern for the hat which is available in the magazine, is the cutest thing ever!

I also enjoyed the article entitled "Granddad's Shirt." You might remember that I made one of Ryland's outfits from a man's dress shirt, so I enjoyed seeing other ideas for this type project. Although my pattern was not used for this article, pattern #129 would work great.

I'm hoping that Anna will get inspired by the magazine to embellish a sweater for me. I'll let you know if it happens!


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