Friday, April 11, 2014

Sew Beautiful "Favorite Heirloom Sewing"

What a thrill to have been picked for the latest Sew Beautiful publication "Favorite Heirloom Sewing."  The photos of my garments appeared in the magazine several years ago soon after I started the business.  I was so excited to receive the call that they wanted a selection of garments to choose from.  What an honor it has been over the years to work with the magazine and staff and how sad to hear this week that the magazine is being discontinued this Summer.  It was a corporate decision and I don't believe a reflexion on the interest in sewing. 

I will continue to create and inspire with classic children's  designs in an effort to keep the craft of sewing for our little ones alive and well.


 Pattern #111

 Pattern #108, pattern #104, and pattern #119.
 Pattern #106, pattern #124, and pattern #111.
Pattern #114, pattern #113, and pattern #107.


DangAndBlast! said...

I loved seeing your write-up in there. You're my favorite designer to sew from - the patterns are quick (if you don't smock!) and simple enough for everyday wear (my kidlet wears the sailor dresses to mother's day out regularly) while still being just beautiful. Just made my nephew his Easter outfit from your Jon-Jon pattern (with smocking by my mother), and it's the best pattern I've seen for that style (certainly better than the Simplicity one!). I'm terribly sad the magazine is stopping, but I'm glad I have so many back issues with your and other people's patterns and inspired designs in them.

WendyBee said...

The photos of your creations in that mag are just beautiful. I'm sorry that it will be discontinued. I didn't realize that there was a separate magazine for heirloom sewing. I always thought that Sew Beautiful was for heirloom sewing. And here I am, just getting started... I'll just have to get my hands on some back issues, I guess.

Unknown said...

I am grieved to hear that the magazine will be discontinued. I am glad that you will continue to bring ideas, instructions, on your blog

Thank you

Arlene G said...

So sad to hear this beautiful magazine is coming to a close. When I smocked, it was my favorite magazine. So glad you were featured Michie!!

TerriSue said...

Well Michie', I guess that is it as far as children's sewing magazines go. First was the American Creative Children's, (I can't remember the exact name.) Then last year Australian Smocking
and Embroidery, with their fantastic full size patterns for every project featured, and now Sew Beautiful, which I might have to buy this copy as it is on heirloom sewing. You know how I have felt about the magazine since it was taken over by machine embroidery. Is this the internet, or what? I do not find looking at a magazine on the computer screen nearly as fun as sitting down in my favorite spot on the sofa curled up with a cup of tea and slowly browsing through it. I will keep ALL of my issues of the three magazines. The grandchildren keep growing and being added to. My son just got engaged and his fiancée is coming with a 5 year old son, HUGS, but they both want more so my baby sewing days are not over yet! Your patterns will come out and see the light of day again and maybe again!! Thank you for your blog, and staying with us through all of your hard times these last few years.

Carla Fiedler said...

It was a pleasure to see your work featured in this magazine! The decision to stop producing it is a sad one. Maybe someone with a desire to keep the art of heirloom sewing and smocking alive will come up with a new and better magazine.

Holly Van de Water said...

I'm deeply saddened by the decision to stop the magazine. It is a mistake in this field of the arts.
I must agree with a earlier post seeing the magazine on a device just doesn't do the same as that easy chair and cup of tea with a grandchild in your lap saying "Gramma make me this one please in pink" these are few and almost unheard of times that you are robbing us of. Just the name Sew Beautiful put a smile on little ones faces . l will find myself involved in my past magazines and feel sorry for those that won't have the experience I have had. Sad so sad. I'm so sorry Martha. It won't be the same. First we lost you and now your "baby has also gone...


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