Monday, April 7, 2014

A Discovery

While working with an old pattern the other day, something caught my eye.  The original owner of the pattern had carefully planned out her sewing days.  Was she a new seamstress?  Was she so very busy that she only had a few miuntes to sew each day?  Whatever the reason, I would like to think that her sewing was successful and that she enjoyed those precious minutes.



DangAndBlast! said...

Maybe she didn't have a machine and was doing it all by hand?

WendyBee said...

Maybe sewing to a deadline with very little time each day? I admire people who can organize themselves and manage their time well. I love to get little glimpses into the day of a lady of a previous generation. Makes me wonder what others will conclude about me as they peruse my detritus?

Anonymous said...

Maybe had OCD or was teaching a class to students each day. Would be interesting to know.

TerriSue said...

I only wish that I had that time these days. I haven't seen my sewing machine in months. Maybe I'll try this method.


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